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Founder of And So We Grow.

We empower awesome entrepreneurs and business leaders to improve their lives, grow their businesses, and connect with the people who they can solve problems for. 


BBS in Entrepreneurship Theory U - Systems thinking Lead Organiser Startup Weekend Education



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We're business owners too. Chances are we have felt your pains, and would love to share your joy


We're experts in customer acquisition. Let's build your confidence and win customers

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We see the world from new perspectives, solving problems and finding opportunities


We don't sweat the small stuff. We're friendly and good in a crisis. We can help you figure it out.

Client Testimonials

“In a career spanning decades, I've encountered my fair share of consultants, but Amy stands out from the crowd. Her ability to seamlessly integrate into any team and drive results is unparalleled. Working with her is not just a partnership; it's a joy. If you're seeking a seasoned expert who can make a tangible impact on your business while making the journey enjoyable, look no further than Amy.”
Alan, ESI
“As an entrepreneur, Amy intimately understands the personal challenges involved and generously shares her wealth of knowledge, always mindful of maximizing efficiency and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Fearlessly addressing what needs to be said, Amy consistently shows up with unwavering dedication and complete presence, fully immersed in every aspect of the journey.”
Liz, Inner Adventure Guide
“Sales is paramount to our business, and Amy understands this implicitly. In our small business, everyone must think creatively about revenue, retention, growth, and new service streams, alongside client acquisition. Amy's expertise has been instrumental in building strong opportunities and reducing headaches and distractions for me as a business owner”
Ian, Squaredot

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