Hey Westbury!

Would you be interested in a hub for business, creativity and positive impact in our community?

What's the idea?

Imagine we could create a hub to bring our community together, to explore business and innovation, alongside creativity, social impact, sustainability, and future thinking in Westbury.

Business and Innovation

Opportunities to come together to create, innovate and grow businesses. Networking, training, programmes, workshops, collaborations.

Community Impact

Bringing our community together to understand challenges we experience and to ideate ways of solving them through innovation and creativity.

Our Natural world

We are in a beautiful part of the world, surrounded by natural spaces, how might we build better businesses with sustainability and regeneration at our core. What role does nature play when building our future?

New Possibilities

Building new avenues to career development for our people. Harnessing inner development, creativity, and entrepreneurship to empower our people to build the future of their dreams.

What matters to us

A Better Approach to Business


What problems matter to you? There are many problems we are faced with these days. Choose the ones that affect you, that you care about, use it as your driver and take deliberate action towards addressing them.


How do we lift up the people around us? It's our collective job to ensure the people in our community, businesses, family's have opportunity, resources and skills to prosper


We have one home, and our natural landscapes have been suffering for a long time. How would we approach business and our community development differently if we had nature at the heart of what we do?


How do we build great businesses, that have positive impact on the people and places around us? How do we ensure these great businesses are prosperous? Let's make it good business to do good.

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